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In 2018, the state of Wisconsin moved to separate state and federal accountability systems. The state accountability system - featuring annual School Report Cards and District Report Cards - is Wisconsin's primary accountability tool, and has been in place since 2011-12. Wisconsin also has a federal accountability system that fulfills ESSA requirements, which is being implemented over the course of the 2018-19 school year. This page provides resources and links to information about both systems. Questions about Wisconsin's resources may be directed to


Wisconsin at a Glance

  • State Assessment (3-8) Wisconsin Forward Exam (DRC)
  • State Assessment (HS) ACT
  • State ELP Assessment ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
  • State Alternate Assessment Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
  • State Method for Differentiation Dashboard
  • Growth Model Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs)
  • SQSS Indicators: ES/MS (K-8) Chronic Absenteeism
  • SQSS Indicators: HS (9-12) Chronic Absenteeism
  • State ESSA Resource Page View Page
  • State ESSA Plan (Approved) View Plan
  • State Report Card Website View Page


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