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Greetings from North Carolina



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    NC Public Student Growth Reporting & Communications Resources

    This site provides data visualizations of student growth across K-12 in all tested grades and subjects by district and school.

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North Carolina at a Glance

  • State Assessment (3-8) NC READY EOG
  • State Assessment (HS) NC READY EOC
  • State ELP Assessment ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
  • State Alternate Assessment NCEXTEND1 Assessment
  • State Method for Differentiation A-F Rating
  • Growth Model EVAAS: Value Added Model (VAM)
  • SQSS Indicators: ES/MS (K-8) Growth Model
  • SQSS Indicators: HS (9-12) Growth Model:
    End of Course Biology;
    Career Readiness;
    Math Course Rigor
  • ESSA Report Card Website View Page
  • State ESSA Resource Page View Page
  • State ESSA Plan (Approved) View Plan


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