MI outline

Greetings from Michigan

Michigan at a Glance

  • State Assessment (3-8) M-STEP
  • State Assessment (HS) SAT; M-STEP (Science and Social Studies)
  • State ELP Assessment ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
  • State Alternate Assessment MI-Access
  • State Method for Differentiation 0-100 Index Scale
  • Growth Model Student Growth Percentiles (SGP); Adequate Growth Percentile (AGP)
  • SQSS Indicators: ES/MS (K-8) Chronic Absenteeism;
    Access to the Arts;
    Access to Librarian and Media Specialist
  • SQSS Indicators: HS (9-12) Chronic Absenteeism;
    Completing Advanced Coursework;
    Postsecondary Enrollment
  • ESSA Report Card Website View Page
  • State ESSA Resource Page View Page
  • State ESSA Plan (Approved) View Plan


  • State ESSA Plan (1)
  • Communication Tools (3)
  • Additional Resources (2)
  • Report Cards (1)