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Greetings from Massachusetts


The state's framework for district accountability and assistance is a coherent structure for linking the state's accountability and assistance activities with districts based on their level of need, and provides school and district leaders with common indicators and tools for assessing systems and practices, diagnosing challenges, and identifying appropriate interventions.


Massachusetts at a Glance

  • State Assessment (3-8) Next-Generation MCAS (ELA, Math & Science)
  • State Assessment (HS) Next-Generation MCAS (ELA & Math);
    Legacy MCAS (Science)
  • State ELP Assessment ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
  • State Alternate Assessment MCAS-Alt
  • State Method for Differentiation Index with descriptors;
    Normative measure
  • Growth Model Student Growth Percentiles (SGP)
  • SQSS Indicators: ES/MS (K-8) Science Achievement;
    Chronic Absenteeism
  • SQSS Indicators: HS (9-12) Science Achievement;
    Chronic Absenteeism;
    Advanced Coursework Completion;
    Extended Engagement Rate;
    Dropout Rate
  • ESSA Report Card Website View Page
  • State ESSA Resource Page View Page
  • State ESSA Plan (Approved) View Plan
  • Brief Overview of ESSA Plan View One-Page Summary


  • State ESSA Plan (1)
  • Communication Tools (2)
  • Additional Resources (2)
  • Report Cards (1)